The Summit Welcomes New Residents to Newly Constructed Homes

The Summit Welcomes New Residents to Newly Constructed Homes

Friday, February 17, 2017

Carolyn Avalos and Ralph Wilt have spent most of their lives caring for others, most recently as the owners of a bed and breakfast in Staunton, Virginia. Now, they are looking forward to carefree living  in their brand new garden home within The Summit’s Life Plan community, to which they are moving in early February. 

When the two began looking at retirement communities they researched options all the way from Ohio to North Carolina. They eventually joined a wait list for another retirement community in Lynchburg and moved from Staunton to begin connecting with that community. It wasn’t until they drove by the construction on campus that their interest was piqued and they began considering The Summit. 

The couple made a list of the pros of each community, noting there were really no cons to either. But the thing they say tipped the scales toward The Summit was the housing options and the opportunity to customize a house just for them. “We also fell in love with the warmth and friendliness of the community,” added Ralph. “Everyone is just so nice.”

Carolyn began thinking about retirement communities over 10 years ago, before she and Ralph were even married. She longed for the community of peers with whom she could enjoy dinners, trips and fun activities. Ralph, who was a caregiver for his first wife and mother-in-law at their ends of their lives, values the continuum of care that will be accessible at The Summit and is comforted by the fact that he won’t be a burden to his family. 

And the two rave about how easy The Summit has made the transition. “They have been so thoughtful and considerate throughout the whole process,” said Carolyn. “We’ve been able to create the exact house we wanted, down to the layout, paint colors and even ceiling fans. It’s been such a wonderful experience and we can’t wait to move into our new home.”

Ralph is excited that cutting the grass and shoveling snow will be someone else’s responsibility, while Carolyn looks forward to enjoying daily dinners that she doesn’t have to cook or plan. Margaret and Richard Cooper, who are also moving to The Summit in January and will be Ralph and Carolyn’s new neighbors, feel the same. 

“We have a big house and a big yard, and it’s a lot to upkeep,” said Richard. “We reached a point where we just got tired of taking care of everything. The Summit provides basically carefree living in a very convenient location. We looked at eight to ten different senior living communities across Virginia, and we ultimately chose The Summit for the pricing, philosophy, facility and people.”

Both couples agree, the best part of moving to The Summit will be getting to spend the rest of their lives simply enjoying life. Come early spring, you’ll find Carolyn and Ralph sitting on their new screened in porch overlooking The Summit’s lake and enjoying dinners with their new neighbors the Coopers, truly the way retirement living should be.