Summit residents plant tree for Arbor Day

Summit residents plant tree for Arbor Day

Friday, April 28, 2017

“I think that I shall never see a poem lovely as a tree.” Trees, Joyce Kilmer

Residents of The Summit planted a lovely Curly Willow tree Friday on Arbor Day. Natural beauty is one of the hallmarks of The Summit’s 143-acre campus.

“Residents enjoy so much walking along The Summit lake trail and looking at the wildlife around them that holding a special ceremony for Arbor Day seemed perfect,” Brenda Dixon, marketing director, said.

During the short ceremony, Leonard Johnson opened in prayer and executive director Gina Meadows read several poems, including Trees by Joyce Kilmer, to mark the occasion.

Johnson, along with Wayne Greenlaw and Bill Hodges, spearheaded the extension of the lake trail last summer. The Curly Willow – selected by Larry Ferguson, who leads the landscaping team – was planted beside three benches along the trail.

Residents took turns scooping dirt on top of the tree’s root system. The tree will be joined by two more next year to provide another shady spot to enjoy bird watching and catching up with neighbors.