The Summit offers wellness programs to residents

The Summit offers wellness programs to residents

An independent and full lifestyle requires a consistent eye on health and wellness. The Summit – a Life Plan Community – is creating a new wellness program to provide residents the tools and programs to maintain optimal health.

Executive Director Gina Meadows sought input and ideas, receiving enthusiastic responses from residents. “Our plan is to help any resident gain or retain their optimal health and wellbeing, including mind, body and spirit,” Meadows said. “We believe wellness should cover all activities and physical amenities.”

Each resident will be offered a comprehensive health assessment – covered by Medicare – to help design a custom plan for their unique needs. The wellness program will include additional education, including nutrition and fitness workbooks, and group and individual programs for residents.

The Summit Health and Rehab Center therapists will help create individualized care plans for residents. The Summit is also exploring offering massage therapy, strength and balance programs, meditation and additional group classes.

“There is such a community here. So much enthusiasm goes into our fitness programs,” Meadows said. “Zumba class is one of the more fun places to be at the Summit.”

Meadows believes residents will take a greater role in shaping the innovative programs. “Some residents teach classes already and they wouldn’t miss it because they don’t want to let their fellow residents down. I hear a lot of laughter.”

The goal is a holistic wellness program that allows residents to enjoy retirement and optimal health.