Summit Health & Rehab center now offers private rooms

Summit Health & Rehab center now offers private rooms

Recovery is getting more comfortable at The Summit Health and Rehabilitation Center. The center now offers private rooms for short-term rehab stays.

“We’ve heard from our patients and residents that private rooms make their experience more comfortable,” Administrator Becky Martin said. “Private rooms add another layer of comfort during their stay.”

The rehab center is divided into four “neighborhoods.” Eighteen private rooms are already complete with the rest being privatized as they come available.

“It’s a tremendous benefit for patients and residents. They will have more room to recover in and spend time with family,” Martin said. “It’s simply a better space for their own healing and recovery.”

Healing and recovery is the very core the rehab center, which received a coveted five-star rating from the Centers for Medicare Services.

“We have always had a great reputation and our comprehensive therapy department is at the heart of center,” Martin said. “Patients are able to find healing and go back to their communities.”

Compassionate and quality care make The Summit the perfect place for occupational, speech and physical therapy. A complete care team, including medical director, nurse practitioner and dedicated rehabilitation staff, provide a comprehensive and individualized rehabilitation plan.

Therapists, which offer treatment seven days a week, take a holistic approach to each resident. “We pride ourselves on treating the whole person. We want to make sure we are providing holistic care that allows them to achieve a better quality of life,” Shannon Watts, COTA/L, Director of Rehab, said.

Before residents leave the health and rehab center, therapists make a home visit. “We want to make sure they are able to move well in their own environment so their transition is seamless,” Watts said.

With a wealth of amenities and features, The Summit Health and Rehabilitation Center provides therapy in a comfortable setting. Restaurant-style service and delicious meals are offered in a large dining room, featuring a fireplace and flat-screen television.

The center is bright with light, airy indoor spaces and scenic views. Residents have access to safe and secure outdoor gardens and courtyard.

“Completing therapy services in a beautiful, home-like setting makes a psychological difference,” Watts said.

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