The Summit Cheerleader Connection

The Summit Cheerleader Connection

October 16, 2015

 The Cheerleading Squad at E. C. Glass High School always selected new cheerleaders as members graduated from the school.  When Mary Lucy Marshall (White) was elected as a junior, the girl cheerleading next to her was Gloria Layne (Farrar).  With several practices a week and numerous trips to sport’s games, they became best buddies.  Since Gloria was one year ahead of Mary Lucy, Gloria graduated first and that year, her brother, Bobby was selected as a new cheerleader.  He held the position next to Mary Lucy and they also became best friends.

Gloria moved on to enter Lynchburg College and Mary Lucy followed right behind her the next year.   Although their cheerleading days were over, the two again met on the field hockey team.  Gloria was a “wing” and Mary Lucy was a “halfback.”  The team played Longwood, Madison, and several other schools in the state.  In fact, Gloria was the high scorer in one game against Bridgewater.  They entertained themselves with singing during bus rides to games.  

Mary Lucy and Gloria, along with several other girlfriends, were often asked to model clothes, shoes, and accessories for the major department stores such as Guggenheimer, J. C. Penny, and Miller and Rhodes.  Many times, they modeled evening wear or swim suits.  On one occasion, they were modeling for the Women’s Club on Court Street and Gloria remembers singing “I’m Going to Wash that Man Right Out of My Hair” while wearing pajamas!Gloria graduated with a BA in Religion and moved on to Indianapolis to work for the Foreign Division of the Disciples of Christ Church Headquarters. 

Gloria’s husband passed away in1996.  In 1997, Pres Farrar’s wife passed away. Gloria sent him a sympathy card and it was the first time Pres knew that she had returned to Virginia from New York.  Pres contacted Gloria and asked her to attend the dedication of B & W’s Critical Lab as a national historic site.  Both had previously worked there.  The rest is history.  They were married in 1999 and bought a house in Forest.  However, 13 years later, they moved to the Summit and now live in a small cottage by the lake. 

Through mutual friends, word spread quickly that Pres and Gloria were moving to the Summit.  Mary Lucy was excited to hear that two of her best friends would be joining her at the Summit.  Four decades after cheerleading together at E. C. Glass and playing field hockey together, Mary Lucy White and Gloria Farrar are together again.  Their laughter can often be heard in the dining room as they recall so many funny incidents of their lives together and apart.

By Hazel Harrison