Summit Chapel: A Place of Comfort

Summit Chapel: A Place of Comfort

Monday, November 12, 2018

Residents of The Summit walk into the Carrie Burwell Chapel and place written prayer requests into a small locked box.

Every Wednesday, a group meets to open the box and pray for each request. It’s a beautiful weekly cadence of community and friendship with encouraging notes left at neighbors’ doors.

The chapel—open to all residents—is even more inviting thanks to a recent renovation. Lorraine Rea and Marilyn Taylor, co-chairs of the Spiritual Life Committee, spearheaded the effort with the support of Executive Director Gina Meadows and Marketing Director Brenda Dixon.

Gin McCabe, with House Dressing, helped select paint, flooring and blue fabric to re-upholster the chairs, highlighting the colors in a beautiful stained-glass piece of new mosaic.

“It’s a very warm, inviting place,” Marilyn said. The chapel is home to a weekly meditation, prayer group and other meetings. “It’s a place for people to come in to pray, meditate or rest,” Marilyn said.

The inclusive chapel includes a Bible, cross, a Menorah, a Torah, and a meditation gong.

Since its founding 15 years ago, The Summit has been a Life Plan Community with a strong spiritual component. A joint venture between Centra and the Disciples of Christ of Virginia, The Summit provides numerous spiritual life opportunities.

“I love the spirit here in which we live together, take care of each other and enjoy being with one another. It feels very safe, secure and caring and, to me, that is a big part of spiritual life,” Marilyn said.