Residents celebrate Lynchburg history with newspaper exhibit

Residents celebrate Lynchburg history with newspaper exhibit

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Residents of The Summit stepped back in time 34 years recently while enjoying an exhibit of the Lynchburg News and Advance.

Resident Paul Kavanaugh, who celebrated his 100th birthday in November, shared the newspapers he collected with the entire campus. The special editions offer snapshots of the people, places, events and organizations making a difference in Lynchburg during the early 1980s.

“These papers tell what is going on in Lynchburg during this time,” Kavanaugh said.

He and his wife loved history and stuffed the papers away. While downsizing recently, Kavanaugh and his daughter discovered the newspapers.

“I thought these things might be of importance to someone,” Kavanaugh said.

He gave the newspapers to Liz Hodges, who organizes the library at The Summit. She planned a special open house to showcase the papers and recognize Kavanaugh’s historical preservation work.

“We always want to recognize someone that takes care of things and contributes to the public well-being,” Hodges said.

The newspapers offer a unique journey back in time to Lynchburg natives and residents from other parts of the country. “They do show an entire profile of what life was like in Lynchburg,” Kavanaugh said.

Hodges said the newspapers will be donated to the Lynchburg City Public Library in Kavanaugh’s honor.

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