Resident Spotlight, Mary Lucy White

Resident Spotlight, Mary Lucy White

Thursday, October 1, 2015

A Happy Life

During the 1930s, small Virginia towns were relatively free of crime and safe for children to play in their yards and on the streets.  This was certainly true of South Boston when Mary Lucy, a Summit resident, moved there with her parents.  Her father worked for ESSO Standard Oil and Mary Lucy was excited to live in the big city.  She immediately strapped on her roller skates and hit the sidewalks.  

 By junior high age, Mary Lucy attended Robert E. Lee Junior High on 12th street in Lynchburg and she entered E. C. Glass High School as a freshman.  In E. C. Glass, Mary Lucy was elected to join the very popular cheerleading squad.  This group opened up many opportunities to her as she became friends with a large group of girls who traveled with the football team to all games. 

 In her senior year, the class elected Mary Lucy their Senior Queen and Bill Lea,  Senior King.

Bill was a popular football player and went on to play football at Duke University. He later was Dr. Lea, a practicing Lynchburg dentist who is now retired.

 During her senior year, several of her friends entered the Miss Lynchburg Contest and convinced Mary Lucy to also enter the contest.  She wore a new bathing suit and platform, high heels as #14 who walked across the stage.  She became the First-Runner-up and her best friend won first place.

 Mary Lucy graduated from Lynchburg College with a BA in elementary education and psychology.  In 1951, she married Pete White, a high school friend with whom she re-connected.  Pete had attended Washington and Lee University.  Among his sport’s recognitions, he won the Virginia State high hurdle record which still stands in 2015.

 Mary Lucy went with Pete to Officer Candidate School, Fort Benning, Georgia.  While there, Pete’s class sponsored Mary Lucy in a contest for Queen.  Of course she won and what fun they had together!   Pete passed away in 2003 and Mary Lucy is now happy in our Independent Living apartments.

 The shy little blond on roller skates lived her happy life in Lynchburg as a happy cheerleader, playing college field hockey, and winning beauty contests.  All of this extracurricular enjoyment she enjoyed while obtaining her Bachelor and Masters degrees from Lynchburg College.  She now delights the Summit residents with her beautiful smile and gregarious personality.

By Hazel Harrison, Resident