Meet Your Neighbor: Lila Rosenthal

Meet Your Neighbor: Lila Rosenthal

December 12, 2018

Lila Rosenthal grew up poor and happy. Her father, a Russian immigrant, made sure his kids never knew money was tight.

“We didn’t know because there was so much love in the house,” Lila said. “My dad was so great at covering up what we didn’t have with stuff that we were so grateful to have.”

The New Jersey family took frequent trips to New York City to see skyscrapers, take in a free circus or ride in one of the first cars across the George Washington Bridge. “I had a blessed childhood,” she said. “My father’s family came to Ellis Island with nothing, but love.”

Just before starting college, Lila met her future husband, Macey, who was dating her sister while at Sweet Briar College.

She got to know his mom years before him. When he proposed, she said, “We’ll get married because I love your mother.”

Lila taught school and hosted a television show on WSET. She also raised four wonderful children and has one granddaughter. “I could not be happier. I didn’t deserve all this good stuff.”