Hazel & George Harrison

Hazel & George Harrison

Resident Since: 
August 19, 2010

George and I have lived at The Summit since August of 2010. Our time here has been so enjoyable – far beyond what we ever expected. When we lived in Farmville, Virginia, we had a large house on a large corner lot. We were constantly looking for someone to clean the house, mow the grass, repair something electrical, clean out the gutters, and on and on.

When we decided it was time to consider moving to a senior home, the Internet was our most convenient resource. Geographical, Farmville is halfway between Lynchburg and Richmond. We began our search by taking a look at the homes within 100 miles of us. We took a couple of days in Richmond and found one home that offered apartments, cottages, meals, plus a variety of amenities that attracted us. We decided to choose a cottage and put a payment down to save it for us.

As we returned home, our conversation centered around what furniture we would take and how we would adjust to living there. However, two aspects of our choice really bothered us. The agreement did not include continuing care, and we were told that many folks had to leave when funds got short. That really bothered us. Secondly, the cottage was about a ½ mile from the dining room, and we would have to call for transportation when we could not drive or walk to dinner.

During the following days, we felt a little unsure of what we had done. 
A few days later, George and I had to visit the cardio doctor on Atherholt Road in Lynchburg. As we drove Route 460, we suddenly realized that both of us were using doctors in Lynchburg. 
Why would we ever go to Richmond? Furthermore, driving in Richmond is difficult and it seems to be a breeze to get around Lynchburg.

So, our search changed to homes here in Lynchburg. We made appointments to visit four or five places. When we came to The Summit, several things attracted us. It is located in the most beautiful spot in the city. When we walked through the front door, we faced a beautiful library and common area . The staff showed us several apartments and we were so impressed that every area we visited had a fresh, clean smell. When we got into our car and were headed up Enterprise Drive, I said to George, “This is it for us.” George looked at me and said, “I was hoping you felt that way. I think so, too.”