Bill & Liz Hodges

Bill & Liz Hodges

Resident Since: 
February 8, 2004

Bill and I chose to live at The Summit 11+ years ago. It was a good choice. The cottage, excuse me, "garden home," had been relinquished by someone who had earlier claimed it. That claimant made a big mistake. We're glad! Before we moved in, we needed to personalize the house a bit. The great room was divided into a nice-sized living room, a furniture-defined TV room, and the grandest dining room we have ever owned. It is truly gracious; the dining table expands comfortably.        

We looked with interest at the colonnade on the lake side of the house. We are paper people (which translates to "messy people") and we needed space for our paper endeavors. Bill designed a room that would take advantage of the existing overhang of the roof and the space between the back door and the garage door, and we got approval to build an architecturally appropriate room. After waiting impatiently for a time, the new room and other changes were complete and we enthusiastically prepared to move in.

This was a special move into an exciting new environment, into the rest of our lives! I suggested that Bill carry me over the threshold to honor the occasion. That wasn't going to happen easily. Things had changed for both of us since we started our lives together in 1972. After all, if Bill's joints weren't aching, we wouldn't be having all of this excitement at all! Bill Hodges was not going to carry me anywhere!

But we did it! How? We applied ingenuity and we moved into our new home in the best of style! We hugged each other enthusiastically at the new back door, whereupon Bill lifted me and took one step backward into the new room -  into our new house! It was a good omen for our future here.  Then Bill got busy doing what Bill loves doing, as everybody knows. He started planting flowers around the house, around the Big House, around the benches and trees, at the speed bump, everywhere! Over the years, he enlisted the interest and help of many other surprisingly agile seniors. The Summit blooms, and, more personally, our home is truly a "harden home."