4 Tips to Keep Your Heart Healthy This Valentine's Day

4 Tips to Keep Your Heart Healthy This Valentine's Day

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Valentine's Day at The Summit is filled with flower deliveries, social mixers, and romance. But it's important to keep your heart healthy all year long, and these tips will help you stay strong for the rest of your life!

Share your chocolate.

Let the grandkids have your leftover chocolates, and choose healthier snacks instead. Blueberries, strawberries, grapes, and nuts are all rich with anti-oxidants to help your heart. If you just can't resist the chocolate, opt for very dark varieties (80% cacao or higher) to limit your sugar intake.

Be extra romantic.

Whether you're dancing across the living room with your partner or taking a walk around the campus, staying active will keep your heart healthy and reduce stress.

Embrace your inner artist.

Do the things that relax you, like painting, doing puzzles, writing, or doing meditation. This will not only help lower your blood pressure, but keep your mind sharp as ever!

Show yourself who's boss.

We all know that smoking is unhealthy, but did you know that stress and anxiety can do as much damage to your organs as smoking? Take charge of your daily activities to reduce stress. Work through your anxiety with a mental health professional. Begin to create healthy habits and live your best in retirement!